• 03/21/2020
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The program and the performances were outstanding. We are very lucky to have these concerts.
We are avid followers of the orchestra; great music, fine experience.
Concertgoers who attended last night's (Jan.18) marvelous concert indicated their agreement with thunderous applause and cheers from the opening exciting trombone improvisations by a 17 year old to the stunning performance of Beethoven's Violin Concerto by a 22 year old.And the orchestra, under the baton of Music Director James Domine, was outstanding!
I enjoyed the concert last night. The program was well balanced with good choices. Maestro Domine's composition "Eurosuite Symphonic Dances" was terrific. The solo artists: Stephen Piazza, Ben Rose and Gallia Kastner, were amazing.
What a great concert on Sun., 7/28/19! It's amazing the different types of music that James Domine composes! Quite a musician! Very nice evening outdoors at Israeli Community Center! It was evident there was a lot of planning and consideration of every detail.
While listening to the June 1st concert, I thought about nature of an orchestra. Tremendous effort of all the musicians to create this unique, collective sound that delights us. Sweet oboes, ethereal flutes, mysterious harp. And the power of many violins, violas and cellos. Loved L'Arlesiennes Suites by Bizet. But Tchaikovsky always wins. Great pianist, who was enthusiastically received by the audience. And, SFVSO gave their best as usual.
What a great concert! The Orchestra keeps sounding better and better with each performance. The Soliloquy was beautiful. Many interesting themes. The Sibelius Violin Concerto performed by Aubree Oliverson was spectacular. Can’t wait for the next concert.
Last night’s concert, November 24, was great. The orchestra, very good in the past, has never sounded better; it was excellent. Although Sibelius is not my favorite, Aubree Oliverson brought his Violin Concerto in D minor to incredible, enjoyable new heights. The Fernandez and Tuttle pieces were right on and thoroughly enjoyable. Ed Schackman
I think that SFVSO made a tremendous effort to sound as great as they did on Saturday November 24th. New music from the Orchestra members Mr. Fernandez and Mr. Tuttle. Miss Aubree is a virtuoso violinist, so exceptional and graceful. Her magic violin was singing, and she seemed to dance with it in the Sibelius Violin Concerto. A great artist. Thank you for the interesting, ambitious program.
THANK U for keepn Live Music Alive
Saturday, July 28, 2018, the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra presented the Esterhazy Chamber Orchestra of Calabasas in "A Mid-Summer Night's Eve Concert Under the Stars" at the Amphitheater in Calabasas. I happily give a rating of 5 stars out of 5 to the conductor, musicians, soloists, and venue, with gratitude for the free cushions and water. Attending a concert by the SFVSO is to enable one to listen to the stars as well as see them Zena D
We absolutely loved the performance on March 24th. The neighbors we invited were so impressed, and I really hope they will buy season tickets like us again next season. Every concert has been amazing, and we keep telling people about the orchestra I hope more will support it. Thank you SFVSO.
Fabulous performance last night. Aubree Oliverson was so wonderful..impressive young lady. Enjoyed the concert musical selections. Thank you for a lovely evening.
Tonight's concert was full of surprises, combining different styles and moods. The Orchestra's performance of Moldau was a delight. Even if this piece were the only item in the program, it would be worthwhile to attend. But it was so much more. For me, it was an occasion to listen to Prokofiev in masterful interpretation of Mr. David Pinto. Piano music so different, abstract and boisterous, and including percussion as well... To sum it up, it was most interesting evening.
Listened to some of the music. Some by Beethoven; very well played sounds amazing.
Wonderfull concert! Enjoyed. Very nice concert hall...
San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra. Thank you for heavenly sounds of Beethoven Fifth. You gave it your best. And, what a great venue.
The initial concert of the season was a great success. The three young and talented soloists were delightful and the orchestration of Rossini's William Tell and Beethoven's Symphony #5 was performed very well. Quite a nice evening and can't wait for November 18th performance. I believe the word will get out and the audience will grow.
The performance was great. The students are amazing talents. Everything about the new venue brings out the best of the orchestra.
As usual it was a great concert. I am proud to be a Board Member of one of the great Symphony Orchestra. Maestro Domine in my opinion is amazing.
We are so fortunate to have the San Fernando Valley Symphony continue to produce exceptional concerts and now in a venue appropriate for the quality of the SFVSO.
The concert at the Performing Arts Theater this past Saturday, September 23, was excellent. The guest musicians, all young, accomplished musicians topped off the evening.
This was my first visit to the Agoura venue and like the one in Calabasas it was perfect for the SFVSO. Seating, sound and visibility were excellent topped by the outstanding performances of Ronnie Zhang,Audrey Park and Ivy Lee. As always, the full sound of the SFVSO was perfect. Kudos to the Board for making this home to the SFVO
Last evening I had the pleasure of attending an outstanding concert by this great orchestra. I was particularly entranced by 16 year old Ivy Lee's performance of Gershwin's Concerto in F, in which she became more than a pianist, but part of the instrument itself. I must further comment on the performance of the conductor, James Domine, who handled the baton with grace, warmth and precision. This was reflected by the performance of the orchestra, like a fine Swiss timepiece.
Congratulations. I'd like to attend this season.
GREAT NEWS ! Only six weeks until the SFVSO resumes concerts at the new venue located at the Agoura Hills High School Performing Arts Center. The subscribers are looking forward to a successful 2017/18 season.
Great program Saturday evening with excellent soloists.
Enjoyed the concert this last Saturday, 11/19/16. WOW!. James Domine's "Frankenstein Fantasy" for violin and orchestra was wonderful. My friends, Roz and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was unbelievable but when I closed my eyes I could see Boris Karloff stalking through the room. It was simply amazing. The oboe concerto by Mr. Fernandez was also terrific and the soloist was outstanding.
I so thoroughly enjoyed the meal at Marmalade, but especially the concert by the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra (in spite of my harrowing experience on the 101.) I think this concert was one of the best presentations they have done, though all have been wonderful.
This is such a wonderful find that we have a San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra!!
If Aubree your violin soloist ever comes to Colorado I would love to know because I am taking a music class right know and I think it would be amazing to listen to her play. Best of luck to you all!!
OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE TONIGHT!! Wow.. unbelievably precise, intricate, dynamic, beautiful. THANK YOU for a wonderful night with the honor of watching and listening to such fine musicians, led by the incredible skill of Conductor James Domine.
My wife and I love seeing you all perform.
I very much enjoyed the Saturday 16May2015 concert. The inaugural performance of the work by Larry Tuttle was superb. Then the fantastic skill of Nancy Roth takes ones breath away. Finally, topped off by Tchaikovsky's Symphony Number 5. What a great evening of music!
Keep up the good work! I'm so sorry you guys weren't around when we lived in LA! It would have been so much fun. Wishing you all the success you deserve! Thanks!
The Blues Bandits on November 19th, 2014. With David Reo, "the Real Deal." All the players gave their very best. An enjoyable evening and great songs.
Helpful info. Fortunate me I found your website by chance, and I'm shocked why this twist of fate did not took place earlier! I bookmarked it. eebbecddegee
Just a note to express my admiration to the SFVSO for the performance on 27Sept14 and the solo exhibitions of the talented young performers Oliverson, Bliman, and Carbajal.
Thank you for keeping SFV vibrant with music!
Greetings !
The Esterhazy evening at Founders' Hall was excellent. Ruth and Danny were outstanding, both showing their skills and emotions as they brought beautiful music to our ears. Congratulations to Maestro Domine and the entire Esterhazy Chamber Orchestra. Hope to see and hear you soon.
My husband and I loved Rebecca Ray and her band. Listening to them was like walking down Memory Lane! Saw them twice and had a great time at both concerts. Last saw them on December 27th.
Thank you for a GREAT show last night. Mom and Sally enjoyed it so much, too. Loved your composition, Jim. Mom was really bopping to that one! I've posted on Facebook about buying on AMAZON through this website. I'll be reminding folks with repeated posts that just purchasing creates a donation from Amazon without costing the purchaser. AND, thank you to your mom for taking such good care of us for the show. Rebecca
Michelle was a wonderful "breath of fresh air" at the Bowl last night, when we could hear her. Guys, lower the volume! Michelle's CD is outatanding. It was well worth the price.
Jim's 60th event at the Bowl created an overflow crowd topped off with mini-cupcakes. Jim's music, from Rock to Blues, to Jazz and to Classical bring much joy to the community at large. Happy Birthday Jim, we appreciate your dedication.
The new season began with outstanding youth at the violin and piano. The SFVSO was equally up to the task of providing us an evening of pleasure. Danny and Ruth along with others in the orchestra, who treated us with their individual playing skills, added to the entire evening. I'm all ready looking forward to the next event.
First Concert of the upcoming season and first ever professional ensemble to play in the brand new Performing Arts Theater at Chaminade ... fantastic! The Orchestra, under the baton of Maestro James Domine, played beautifully; the selection of pieces was perfectly balanced; and the young MTAC Competition Winners were outstanding! Kudos also to Daniel Grab for his wonderful cello solo performance in the Overture. Do not know how this Concert can be topped, but I'm sure Maestro Domine will make it happen in November.
Symphomaniacs last Wednesday 9/18 were outstanding. All were "hot' that night
An outstanding concert last night. It was a great way to end the season. Danny was wonderful. Congratulations SFVSO.
Thanks for the Prof. Domine's afternoon Concert on April 13th at the Platt Library. With participation of outstanding musicians Ruth Bruegger, Glenn E. Grab, Larry Muradian, and James Domine on guitar. It was a perfect quartet, a performance that added a new brilliance to selected Prof. Domine's compositions.
Love meeting you and taking your class at savvy seniors. Looking forward to History of RocknRoll
I really loved the December concert. You couldn't ask for a better evening.
Dear Maestro Domine: Your Saturday December 10th concert was spectacular. The Violin Concerto #1 in G major was beautifully performed by Ruth Bruegger and was admired by 'this' former student of the violin. The soloist's performance did justice to the technical challenge she encountered. The concerto in itself was a masterpiece in that the beginning was reminiscent of Mozart but metamorphosed into the uniqueness of Domine. What is especially savored and admired is that a man in his early 20's composed it. While contemporary, unsophisticated 'so-called' music in our current culture earns composers/performers fame, fortune and adulation, I lament that a genius of immense talent creates an opus with intricate chromatic development and elegantly expansive exposition and lives in anonymity and whose work is relegated to the "unknown" repertoire. What perplexes and bothers me is that an "institution of higher education" is oblivious to that genius possessing great talent and love of teaching and thus threatens his participation in the world of scholarship and the sharing of the love of the fine arts. Dvorak's "5th"/ "9th" was especially appreciated---I love this piece and the San Fernando Valley Symphony did a mighty fine job. Kudos, Paul Milberg, M.D.
I am so pleased to read the other guest responses to the December 1 concert. We are in accord that the program was wonderful, and that Maestro Domine's Violin Concerto #1 in G major is an outstanding work. Long may he give his admirers the pleasure of hearing James Domine compositions in performance!
The concert on Dec. 1st was excellent. Not only was the program very enjoyable, Jim's violin concerto was everything I had expected. Obviously Jim has a full understanding of the violin and combined with Ruth's skills, the concerto was beautiful.
We just heard a great new Violin Concerto [the Domine Violin Concerto performed Dec 1, 2012]. We loved it! So did the audience! Congratulations to James Domine, and to Ruth Bruegger for her masterful performance.
Your new symphony, played at the May 2012 concert was spectacular, and an amazing piece of work. Can't wait for your next one.
We love your concerts and all of the effort you put into making great music! Thank you!
Looking forward to hearing some beautiful music performed by the orchestra.
The November 26 Concert was fantastic. You could not have heard a better orchestra or better program. I expect we’ll be hearing more of James Domine’s Piano Concerto No. 3 – it’s a hit waiting to be discovered. This is going to be a great season.
James; wow. Apparently there were and are, many more mountains left to conquer. You are an inspiration. We plan to see you at theatre maestro! Robby.
Great choice of music!
live music is always great!
Wow...I knew we have an L.A Phil. Orchestra, but a San Fernando Valley orchestra?!?, wow...I frequently go to concerts, but, I have yet to attend a Classical concert. I would be most delighted to attend to one of your concerts!
Love the music and hope to make the next concert. Thanks.
Cool! just found you !!!
The Benefit Concert on Jan 22, 2011 was fabulous. There is no place else to hear this music, and played so well.
I just want to let you know how much I enjoy hearing you play. My cousin, Gary Herbig, sends me links to some of your concerts and I so enjoy listening to you. Thank you for your part in making the world a more civil place through your beautiful music.
I've been a fan since 1980
Love the great music on the new website!
Your new website looks great!


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