• 03/21/2020

On Saturday evening, September 28, 2019, in keeping with the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra’s mission to provide young people with classical music performance opportunities, Maestro James Domine appeared onstage with a dozen children holding batons (they were actually chopsticks). He then gave them a lesson on how to conduct an orchestra and asked 10 year old Echo Hexum to lead the SFVSO in what was a rousing  performance of  Sousa’s "Stars and Stripes Forever." Needless to say, the audience loved it and the children exited the stage to tremendous applause. Maestro Domine then took up the baton and the orchestra played Beethoven's wonderful "Overture to Egmont" which was an obvious favorite of the audience based upon their applause and cheers.

Following the overture, three competition winning teenagers proved without a doubt that the youth of today will keep classical music alive and well in the future. First to perform was 15-year old Marc Soong who played the first movement of the Piano Concerto #1 in B-flat minor by Domine. Then 14-year old Gabriel Tsai performed the first movement of Kabalevsky's "Violin Concerto,” followed by 15-year old Sarah Liu’s performance of the first movement of Barber’s Violin Concerto. Each of these young people “brought down the house.” They, together with the orchestra, were simply marvelous.

After a 15 minute  intermission, the orchestra and Maestro Domine returned to the stage to conclude the evening’s program with the Symphony #4 by Johannes Brahms. Written when the composer was 52 years of age and starting to think about retirement, it is a summation of his learning and technique, and cuts as close to the heart as music can. The audience sat enthralled by this great work and rewarded an outstanding job by the orchestra, under the direction of Maestro Domine, with thunderous applause and a standing ovation.

if you were unable to attend this performance, please check out our website for the next wonderful concert on November 30th. We will be so pleased to see you there! 


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